About Us

Hphoto is the corporate, commercial, event

and school portrait division of Haynsworth

Photography; a family owned and operated

photography studio founded more than 50 years

ago. It is one of the oldest businesses in Dallas’

iconic Highland Park Village and is proud to be an

active member of the community. The studio is

run by second-generation photographer Holt

Haynsworth, son of visionary photographer John


The main reason companies, schools and individuals

choose – and continue to call on – hphoto and

Haynsworth Photography, is the exceptional visual

perspective of Holt himself, as well as his ability to

capture the essence of his clients’ personalities and


Hphoto and Haynsworth Photography serves clients

worldwide but is based in: Dallas, New York, the

Hamptons, Palm Beach, Aspen and Los Angeles.

We frequently travel to meet our clients’ needs.

Please enquire for further details.